Psychological assessment and screening for learning disabilities

The role of a school psychologist is to help students who have difficulties with their academic progress, whether it be in terms of learning, behaviors or emotions. The psychologist is a key element because he can be counted on in various situations. His presence helps support the student in his academic progress and can ensure harmonious functioning on a personal, social, emotional and family level. It is an ally that the student and his or her family can count on to help them face and better understand the difficulties encountered. Also, it can bring solutions for the improvement of certain situations. According to the framework for the practice of school psychologists, written by the Ordre des psychologues (OPQ) and the Association québécoise des psychologues scolaires (AQPS) in 2007, it states that “the psychologist engages in activities that promote, restore, maintain or develop the positive functioning and well-being of the student, that support him or her in his or her academic progress and that allow him or her to develop personally and socially. In this sense, the psychologist offers prevention, screening, evaluation, assistance and support services. He can therefore intervene at several levels and accomplish different tasks.


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Dre Isabelle Vaudeville

Psychologist Member of the Ordre des psychologues du Québec

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